Are these countries prepared for another pandemic?

Cases by covid – 19 in South and North America total 822 million; the eight countries that make up this special added 30 million cases:

These are the deaths from the covid-19 virus in the 8 countries that are part of this special:


Journalist: Juan Carlos Díaz Flórez


Journalist: Yamiri Rodríguez Madrid


Journalist: Lourdes María Ramírez García


Journalist: Flavia Daniela Campeis y Jorgelina Tomasin


Journalist: Wilson Medardo Cabrera Riera


Journalist: Karla Paola Velezmoro Contreras


Journalist: Diana Marcella Fuentes Pérez


Journalist:Nancy Hernández

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The Covid-19 virus pandemic reached every part of the world, taking governments and citizens by surprise, bringing an enormous challenge to the health systems of each country to care for those infected and then achieve their immunization.

In Latin America, when vaccination began in 2021, the national and international media documented step by step the development of the vaccination plan in each country, figures of the vaccinated population were given, as well as deaths and recovered people, the numbers filled the headlines; However, once the numbers of deaths and infections were decreasing, the news that covered in detail about the reality of Covid, vaccination and the consequences of the passage of the pandemic, began to decrease.

Join us to delve into each of these stories where you will meet indigenous communities, first-line doctors, Covid survivors and other characters who will show us how the arrival of the virus was lived, the vaccination process and what is the panorama after its passage in 8 Latin American countries: Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.